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Meet Our Team

Brittany Russ, Owner and Clinic Supervisor


Founder & CEO

Services provided in English or Spanish

Brittany has over 22 years of Social Work and combined leadership experience. During these years she has been supporting others on their personal journeys by way of a dynamic clinical social work perspective.

Within her social work degree, she became experienced in working with individuals to improve interpersonal, community and systemic relationships. In addition, she takes a strong approach to systemic level action and change while working to be a leader within the community for children and families.  

She believes that community, support systems and coping skills can be the building blocks to less stress, improved relationships, and overall wellness for the individual and the community.

2024 Moira-39.jpg

Clinical Director


Moira is an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist who specializes in trans and non-binary wellness. With 10 years of experience providing counseling to adults across the lifespan, in and around the gender binary, and from Pittsburgh to Portland, she believes that *all* people have the resources inside themselves to make changes toward becoming more connected and complicated. The focus of her approach is self-acceptance, which has to start with honesty. You’ll never get between–session homework from her, and she rarely offers advice – because the journey to your truth is yours to navigate. She’s here to support you with compassion and a commitment to making therapy a safe space for all identities.


Lead Clinician


Services provided in English or Spanish

Alexis has worked with people from many age backgrounds, including adolescents through elder adults. She specializes in eating disorder treatment, those struggling with anxiety and depression, and working with athletes. Alexis is also bi-lingual and bi-cultural in English and Spanish.  

Her experience has included working extensively with people experiencing relationship issues, self-esteem, life transitions, family issues, trauma, and addictions, in addition to the specialties mentioned above. She uses both a humanistic as well as a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to psychotherapy. She understands and applies the research showing that the relationship between the therapist and the client is key and that positive changes can only occur with a solid therapeutic relationship.

2023 Veronica-1.jpg



Services provided in English or Spanish

Veronica is a bilingual bicultural associate clinical worker with four years of experience working with adolescents and families in residential and school settings. 

Veronica's methods often include client-centered, strengths-based, and trauma informed care as well as motivational interviewing. Veronica has experience supporting clients through depression, anxiety, trauma, and immigrant related stressors. 

Jill Hsieh, Associate Professional Counselor

JILL HSIEH, Mental Health Counselor Associate (WA), Professional Counselor Associate (OR)


Services provided in English or Mandarin

Jill works with people who come from different backgrounds and deeply understands what it is like being different from the dominant culture. As an immigrant and an Asian woman, she believes she can better understand peoples’ struggles when they are from a different cultural background. She is offering service in two languages, English and Chinese Mandarin. 

In Jill's counseling sessions, she believes the atmosphere doesn’t always have to be heavy and sad, it can also be filled with fun and joy. Her therapeutic method often involves using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution- Focus and Motivation Interviewing, and she would like to join her patient’s journey to making changes in life and discovering the world of emotions. She strives to be welcoming, full of compassion and empathy, but not afraid to challenge and point out the things that need attention. 

She has experience with clients facing depression, anxiety, family issues, relationship issues, interpersonal relationship, trauma, and life transitions.

2023 Rachel-1.jpg

RACHEL BURK, Professional Counselor Associate


Rachel uses an Existential Therapy approach to counseling, with influences of Feminist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. She also has experience integrating techniques from other theories in order to mold her treatments to each individual client's needs.

Rachel has a history of working with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, burnout, self-esteem issues and more. She has a special interest in working with the elderly and LGBTQIA2S+ populations through their unique life struggles.

Rachel believes therapy should be collaborative and considers herself a guide for those she serves, dedicated to assisting and supporting them through their journeys of self-discovery, purpose, healing, and growth.


KAYLEY CLOTHIER, Professional Counselor Associate


Kayley has worked with adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, from nonprofit to community mental health. She has a special interest in and experience helping with complex trauma as well as depression, anxiety, life transitions, identity formation, and relational issues. She often uses a combination of skill-based and mind/body approaches, such as EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and somatic interventions. She also draws from parts work and creative interventions. Kayley strives to meet her clients with acceptance and work in a collaborative, strength-based manner to support them toward their goals and personal healing.


LACY FINDLEY, Associate Clinical Social Worker


Lacy is an associate clinical social worker with a background in crisis intervention, residential treatment, and outpatient therapy. She utilizes a humanistic approach to counseling, drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Lacy meets every client with a nonjudgmental stance and incorporates creative expression and humor into her sessions. She has experience working with children as young as 10 and specializes in working with adolescents/young adults. She has a special interest in working with people living with chronic health issues, trauma, complex family dynamics, and deconstruction. Lacy believes that her role as a therapist is to provide the stability and support needed for the client to build a life worth living.

2023 Bailey-5.jpg



Bailey’s approach to counseling is grounded in Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma Theory.  She is committed to cultivating a space of nonjudgement and acceptance, where paths towards positive change are forged together. Recognizing the role societal systems and external factors play in mental well-being, Bailey also incorporates a holistic view in her sessions. 
Bailey has experience working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and ages with anxiety, burnout, insomnia, depression, grief, trauma, and addiction. She holds a special interest in identity formation and transformation, as well as life transitions—be that relationship changes, career shifts, or new parenthood. Bailey considers it an honor to accompany you on your journey towards health and life satisfaction.


KAYLA MILLER, Associate Clinical Social Worker


Kayla has eight years of social work experience and is currently a clinical social work associate.

She has experience working with children, adults, and families. During this time, she has worked with individuals in a variety of ways including individuals who have endured extensive trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal violence.

Kayla’s methods often include strength based, solution focused, and person centered.

2024 Olivia-40B.jpg

OLIVIA LIN, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate & Mental Health Counselor Associate


Services provided in English, Mandarin, or Cantonese

Olivia utilizes a holistic, client-centered approach marked by presence and curiosity, honoring people's lived experiences. Trauma sensitivity, socioeconomic awareness, and cultural intersectionality inform her practice. Olivia is committed to fostering a non-judgemental therapeutic environment while exploring the facets of clients' lives that clients wish to navigate. Employing an array of integrated tools and leveraging client strengths, Olivia works collaboratively with individuals, couples, and families illuminating pathways for personal and systemic growth.

Drawing from a decade of experience working in international schools and different cultural contexts worldwide, Olivia dynamically engages individuals from varied walks of life using mindfulness practices, Compassionate Inquiry, Existential, and Humanistic therapy. She works with young adults, neurodivergent learners, children & adolescents, couples and families, the elderly, and individuals in transition.

Jodie Brown, LCSW



Jodie has over 25 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and families in various clinical settings.  She is compassionate, non-judgmental, and cares about the people she works with. She believes that each individual is doing the best that they can, and her job in the therapeutic relationship is to provide support and skills guidance to nurture everyone to reach their individual best. 
Her approach is client-centered, trauma-informed, and strength-based. Among other evidence-based practices, she uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution Focused approaches to help others overcome personal barriers and feel truly successful. She has experience helping with various real-life struggles such as, depression, anxiety, relationship and/or family issues, PTSD, self-esteem, parenting and motivation. She finds it a privilege and is honored when others allow her to help them on their journey to health and to self-satisfaction.


SAVANNAH NAPIER, Mental Health Counselor Associate (WA), Professional Counselor Associate (OR)


Savannah has lived many lives working as a museum curator and non-profit programming director before graduating with a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. Savannah is a vocal advocate and identifies as a member of Neurodivergent and LGBTQIA2S+ communities and they believe a piece of that advocacy lies in maintaining neurodivergent and gender affirming care. They are passionate about empowering you as an expert of your own life and they want to support you in wellness of the mind through advocacy, safety, empowerment, and collaboration.

While always providing unconditional positive regard, Savannah prioritizes the growth of individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or criminal background. Savannah’s unique style can also incorporate video gaming to establish connection and occupy anxious minds. Savannah promotes the best interests of their client through use of diagnosis, assessment, individualized treatment plans, and person-centered evidenced-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and trauma informed care. 

Jenna Estep _ Headshot.jpg

JENNA ESTEP, Professional Counselor Associate


Jenna views therapy as a space for fostering connections: between clinician
and client, client with themselves, and the client with others. Her approach is
rooted in the belief that each individual possesses an inner wisdom that
shapes their journey. With a background in assisting clients dealing with
complex trauma, crisis intervention, depression, anxiety, and relationship
challenges, Jenna holds a particular focus on survivors of sexual assault and
intimate partner violence. She concentrates on trauma processing,
mindfulness-based techniques to reconnect with the body, and enhancing
emotional safety.
Jenna employs a humanistic counseling style, integrating Emotionally
Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy, and Narrative approaches to guide clients. Safety,
empowerment, and respect for cultural intersectionality are principles and
driving passions of her therapeutic practice.

Mel Cox, Director of Business Operations



Mel comes to BHC with over 18 years of operational business expertise. She has expertise within diverse non-profit environments and she displays genuine passion for her chosen profession.

Her commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our team and clients has been pivotal in optimizing the day-to-day functioning of BHC. Known for her strategic acumen, she has successfully implemented streamlined processes, ensuring smooth operations and enhancing the overall experience for our clients.

Mel is dedicated to serving underserved communities in the PNW. She truly believes that engaging in social services is the most effective approach. Mel’s mental health advocacy aligns seamlessly with the mission of BHC, making her an integral part of our success.

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