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About Us

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Women Owned & Operated

Brave Hope Counseling is a women-owned and operated Mental Health collective striving to create a safe space full of understanding, pride, and strength for our clients and our staff.  
Above all, we at Brave Hope Counseling embrace the human capacity to grow and change, especially with the help of a supportive expert. We enjoy connecting with our clients and being partners that they can count on. 
Mission Statement
Brave Hope Counseling’s mission is to provide accessible mental health care that is representative, affirming and collaborative. We are dedicated to working with folx who experience less access to care due to their race, gender, sexual identity, language, or socio-economic status. We believe that counseling should never be one size fits all and intentionally operate from an anti-oppressive platform. One of our unique strategies is to support social services professionals by providing quality, culturally informative supervision, and a supportive work environment. This strategy ensures counseling services are comprehensive, ethical and appropriate. We’re committed to partnering with our clients and workforce to accomplish our mission by offering unconditional positive regard, honesty and empowering them on their unique journeys.
Driving Values
Access to Care 

Vision Statement
To be a mental health collective striving to create an accessible and diverse safe space for our clients, our staff, our colleagues, and our community.

Women-owned and operated mental health collective
Empowering individuals through mental health counseling

Who do we help:

We are dedicated to working with folx who: 


  • Experience less access to care due to their race, sexual orientation or language abilities. 

  • Immigrants and Refugees looking for culturally humble and affirming care.

  • Individuals who are looking for representation options within their providers choices. 

  • Youth who need experienced and compassionate therapists.

  • Families and Couples looking to find a guide to their healing.

Our work together will be an ongoing conversation and collaboration. We are excited to get started.

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